Advocacy Resources

Advocacy Resources

To better assist our members with their policy efforts, we’ve compiled some useful resources below:

Summer in the States FY23 Social Media Toolkit

  • Use our FY23 Social Media Toolkit to amplify the importance of key resources and urge members of Congress to robustly fund programs that are key to the economic success of Latino communities in FY23. The toolkit contains graphics and corresponding sample posts for easy use.

Public Policy Advocacy Toolkit

  • A step-by-step guide to policy advocacy, with sample advocacy materials to save you time and facilitate your advocacy work.

Public Policy Packet

  • This packet describes NALCAB’s Public Policy work in a snapshot and tells policymakers who we are, what we do to support Latino communities, and the public policy priorities we’re advocating for.

Case Study Template

  • This template will help you communicate to your policymakers. It provides a framework for you to describe your organization, your work, your goals, and why a particular public policy issue matters to your community. Case studies are a great way to show policymakers why a given issue matters to Latino communities.

Find Your Senator’s Email and Phone Number

Find Your Representative in the US House

Find Your Representative’s Email and Phone Number

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