Equitable Neighborhood Development

Equitable neighborhood development is a practice of building and maintaining neighborhoods where all individuals and families can thrive. This means ensuring that development is community-driven and responsive to the needs and aspirations of all community members, particularly the most vulnerable. NALCAB supports our members in community organizing, policy advocacy, and real estate development work through capacity building technical assistance, training, direct investment and research, data analysis and mapping.

Intentional policy and practice are necessary to ensure that low- and moderate-income people and small businesses can share in the benefits of appreciating real estate markets and minimize involuntary displacement. See page 11 of our Guide to Equitable Neighborhood Development  to learn NALCAB’s guiding principles in this area.


Analyzing Neighborhood Change

Since 2015, NALCAB has worked with local community development organizations in more than fifteen urban markets to analyze trends and develop strategies related to housing and equitable neighborhood development.

Using this experience, NALCAB developed a methodology for analyzing neighborhood change that provides a framework for anticipating gentrification rather than simply analyzing how it happened in the past. This represents a significant step forward for the field and NALCAB’s local partners have found the data highly impactful in shaping their approach to practice and policy. See page 20 of our Guide to Equitable Neighborhood Development for more information.


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How We Serve Communities

NALCAB’s equitable neighborhood development initiative informs and supports communities nationwide and shapes the asset-building field by undertaking activities in urban and rural areas. A contributing factor that sets us apart in the field is having a data-driven approach to analysis, planning, and development by utilizing tools like Geographic Information Systems. The Equitable Neighborhood Development team provides technical assistance to local governments and nonprofit organizations on a range of affordable housing and economic development issues. For a complete list, please see our Advisory Services page.

If you would like to learn more about NALCAB’s equitable neighborhood development work, please contact Senior Program Manager Carlos Guerra at