Doing Business with Us

The breadth of projects that we engage in includes external contract work and service to more than 120 nonprofit organizations from across the country. Because the needs of these communities are vast and complex, we utilize resources outside of our staff expertise by engaging private consultants to provide specialized technical assistance services.

Become a Consultant

Are you interested in becoming a NALCAB Partner-Consultant? Reference the information below that details the RFQ engagement process.

Step 1

Review proposal submission requirements

Step 2

Submit RFQ Form

Step 3

NALCAB RFQ Evaluation

Step 4

NALCAB Pre-Qualification Approval

Step 5

Contract Process Begins*

Note: Insurance requirements, including Worker’s Compensation requirements will be identified prior to entering into contract, as is appropriate to the scope of services.*

Guidance to Proposal Submission

Proposal submission requirements are the following:

  • Organizational experience: Provide a description of the firm’s relevant experience providing the same or similar services. Greater weight will be given to experience in the past three years.
  • Qualifications of Key Staff: Provide the names and qualifications of all key staff to provide relevant technical assistance services. While resumes may be included as an appendix, this section should include brief biographical statements for each team member.
  • Approach to Providing Services: Describe how the firm will provide the proposed services and the geographic areas in which the firm can provide services (e.g. national, regional, specific states, counties or cities). The respondent should identify a primary point of contact and describe any standards of responsiveness, processes for ensuring quality control and any other information that indicates how the respondent manages its client relationships.
  • Fee Structure: Describe the firm’s fee structure for delivering the proposed service. This must include daily rates for all staff/positions proposed to provide services. The firm should clearly identify overhead and profit rates.
  • Licenses and Certifications: Respondents should provide evidence of any relevant licenses, certifications and other credentials that relate to the services that the respondent proposes to provide.

Evaluation Factors

The proposals submitted will be evaluated based on technical expertise using the information requested and submitted pursuant to this RFQ. The following evaluation factors shall be used to select the proposal(s), which are most advantageous to NALCAB and/or its Consortium Members.

  • Relevant demonstrated organizational experience – 30 points
  • Relevant demonstrated qualifications of the key staff to provide services – 30 points 
  • Feasibility of providing services in the selected geographic region – 20 points 
  • Reasonableness of fee structure – 20 points

NALCAB Partner-Consultant Documents

Review the following documents for detailed information on consulting services.


Contact Laura Raffaniello, Grants and Contracts Compliance Manager at or fill out the form below