Our Strategy

NALCAB achieves its mission and vision by strengthening and coordinating the capacity of the NALCAB Network to deploy capital, and by influencing investors and policy makers with research, advocacy and technical advice.

Areas of Expertise

Small Business Development NALCAB supports member organizations in Latino communities across the country to reduce barriers to entry, promote access to capital, and facilitate the creation of commercial corridors, incubators and mercados.
Financial Capability NALCAB works with members to create and strengthen Financial Capability programs that build knowledge and access to resources that allow consumers to understand credit and credit scores, access financial services and products, and avoid predatory practices.
Equitable Neighborhood Development NALCAB shapes the field of equitable neighborhood development and supports our members’ community organizing, policy advocacy, and real estate development work through capacity building technical assistance, training, direct investment and research, data analysis, and mapping.


NALCAB operationalizes this strategy in three areas of work:

Capacity Building

NALCAB builds the capacity of non-profits and units of government to implement programs and projects that ultimately advance economic mobility in low- and moderate-income communities. NALCAB implements this work through grant-making, technical assistance, training (classroom and by webinar), and the Pete Garcia Fellowship Program for next generation Latino leaders in community and economic development.

Impact Investing

NALCAB lends to member organizations that are community development financial institutions and affordable housing developers. Through a wholly-owned asset management company, Escalera Community Investments, NALCAB manages the NALCAB Catalyst Fund I, LLC, a social impact fund focused on producing and preserving affordable housing near employment, quality education and health care resources.

Public Policy

NALCAB undertakes research, policy advocacy and national partnerships aimed at influencing private, philanthropic and governmental investors. NALCAB uses the hashtag #LatinoEconomicEngine to highlight data that demonstrates the economic value that Latinos and immigrants bring to this country.