Mission and Vision



NALCAB strengthens the economy by advancing economic mobility in Latino communities.



NALCAB’s vision is to dramatically scale the flow of public and private sector capital that responsibly builds and preserves assets in the communities and families we serve.

NALCAB is the hub of a national network of more than 120 mission-driven organizations in 40 states, DC and Puerto Rico that are anchor institutions in geographically and ethnically diverse Latino communities. Members of the NALCAB Network invest in their communities by building affordable housing, addressing gentrification, supporting small business growth, and providing financial counseling on issues such as credit building and home ownership. The large majority of the people served by the NALCAB Network are immigrants, or the children of immigrants.

The strength of the US economy relies on the fast-growing Latino community’s hard work, entrepreneurial spirit, spending power and leadership.

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Core Values

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We honor family and see our mission in the faces and futures of the children in our communities.

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We believe in fairness and building trust through transparency, accountability and a high level of performance.

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Cultural Competence

We interact respectfully and effectively with all people, while ensuring that we communicate in a culturally relevant manner in English and Spanish.

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We organize and support operational consortia among our membership and approach issues of national importance as a part of a diverse, practitioner-driven coalition.

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We challenge traditional structures and methods that fail to open access and provide value for predominantly Latino communities.