NALCAB strengthens the economy by advancing economic mobility in Latino families. 

NALCAB is the hub of a national network of more than 120 mission-driven organizations that are anchor institutions in geographically and ethnically diverse Latino communities in 40 states, Washington DC and Puerto Rico. Members of the NALCAB Network invest in their communities by building affordable housing, addressing gentrification, supporting small business growth, and providing financial counseling on issues such as credit building and homeownership. A majority of the people served by the NALCAB Network are immigrants, or the children of immigrants. CLICK HERE to view NALCAB’s Organizational Summary.

→NALCAB builds the capacity of nonprofits and government agencies to responsibly invest in Latino communities.

→NALCAB opens access to capital to unlock the economic potential of underserved markets.

→NALCAB influences the domestic economic agenda in pursuit of a more equitable society.

Read NALCAB’s Latino Economic Agenda: A Latino Perspective on US Domestic Economic Policy