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NALCAB is actively involved in research, advocacy and national partnerships to raise the profiles of key issues in our communities, and provide resources and technical assistance to our members. We engage policy makers on issues ranging from small business access to capital to consumer protections in order to ensure there is equity of opportunity in this country.

NALCAB’s 2023 Congressional Advocacy Day

NALCAB’s Congressional Advocacy Day is taking place this June 21, 2023, in Washington, DC.

We are meeting with members of Congress to illustrate the important work we do in Latino communities across the US. We are going to be face to face with the very people who decide the fate of funding and resources for programs that are vital to our communities. Congress is currently working legislation that includes Fiscal Year 2024 funding levels for economic development programs such as:

  • the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG),
  • the Community Economic Development (CED) program,
  • the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) affordable housing
  • the CDFI Fund,
  • the US Small Business Administration’s Microloan Program and,
  • additional funding streams critical to bolstering Latino communities and the organizations that support them.

Advocacy Day offers the opportunity to tell your story and demonstrate how federal funding enables your organization to drive economic development on a local and state level.

During the day, help us to amplify and lift up these programs by tweeting and contacting your members of Congress. It is critical we urge them to robustly fund these programs so they know how critical they are to Latino communities. Follow NALCAB and NALCAB Policy on Twitter to see live updates from Advocacy Day and be apart of the action!

NALCAB Story Collection Drive

As negotiations are underway for FY24 and NALCAB is preparing for its 2023 Advocacy Day, budget cuts are being threatened by some policymakers- so we would like to tell you a story.

In the state of Washington, it was clear that the Latino population was struggling to access capital for its small businesses, and technology to keep up with the changing demands on main street in the aftermath of the Pandemic. Through the assistance and work of El Centro De La Raza who were able to access the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds, Latino small businesses were able to flourish. El Centro supports over 150 small businesses on a yearly basis, created nearly 40 new firms, and over 50 jobs and counting by providing one on one bilingual coaching, trainings and workshops. It was because of CDBG Funding that El Centro was able to have this crucial impact on their community.

How have federal funds helped you serve the needs of your community? Tell us about it.

Stories are incredible tools for showing the real impact that federal funding programs have on our communities who need it most. Programs like the US Small Business Administration’s Entrepreneurial Development Programs, HUD’s Affordable Housing Programs, and among other funding streams that are key to fueling economic growth in Latino communities across the country. Your stories can come from any fiscal year, and we’ve included the ability to upload supporting documents and photos to fully transmit the impact of these funds to policymakers.


NALCAB Policy: Opportunity for Federal Funding for Local Projects

The US House Appropriations Committee and the US Senate Appropriations Committee have released new guidance regarding “Community Project Funding” (CPF) and “Congressionally Directed Spending” (CDS) requests, also known as earmarks, for Fiscal Year 2024. Through these funding requests, organizations can apply for funding for local projects directly through their elected official’s office that allows for members of Congress to allocate specific funds to projects in their districts or states through the appropriations process.

There have been changes made to these requests and it’s important that you are aware of the new changes, deadlines for requests, and what is needed for a successful application. To assist with this process, NALCAB has released a short video with detailed information about how to access funds.

Access our video HERE and our slides HERE, as well the new guidelines below:

  • The US House Appropriations Committee’s guidelines.
  • The US Senate Appropriations Committee’s guidelines.

NALCAB’s Policy Priorities

Strengthening Minority Small Business

Minority entrepreneurs are the economic engine for many cities, rural communities and the US economy as a whole. Our small business policy priorities include increasing access to capital, strengthening entrepreneurial development programs, and protecting small business borrowers from predatory lending practices and unsafe financial products.

Increasing Consumer Financial Protections

Abusive financial products and services are a major barrier for people who aspire to advance up the financial ladder. We cannot forget the lessons of the Great Recession. NALCAB works to increase financial education, instill safeguards against abusive lending and collection practices, eliminate unsafe financial products and put an end to discrimination in our financial system.

Addressing the Housing Affordability Crisis

There is a growing housing affordability crisis in the United States. NALCAB supports policies that open responsible access to home ownership and increase the supply of safe, health and affordable rental housing.

Increasing Diversity in Our Financial System

Diversity in the governance of the Federal Reserve and our largest financial institutions is important for ensuring that our financial system meets its full potential to include everyone in our economy. NALCAB promotes greater diversity in the governance of the Federal Reserve System and in the Boards and senior leadership of major financial institutions.

Promoting Immigration Policies That Strengthen Our Economy

Immigrants strengthen our economy. NALCAB works to advance the public’s understanding of the economic value of sound immigration policy. We advocate for policies that support immigrant entrepreneurs, protect workers and provide an earned path to citizenship for aspiring Americans, particularly Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients and their families.

Opening Access to Federal Community Development Funding

NALCAB is committed to opening access to the federal funding streams that invigorate our communities and support Latino economic advancement. We advocate for robust funding for federal agencies and programs that are key to the community and economic development efforts of our members nationwide. This includes, but is not limited to, US HUD including Disaster Recover programs, the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund, the US Small Business Administration, and the US Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Programs.

Strengthening the Community Reinvestment Act

The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) requires regulated banks to meet the credit needs of all people in the communities where they do business. It is a critical tool for working toward a more inclusive economy. NALCAB works in collaboration with diverse national and regional coalitions to ensure regulators strengthen and fully implement the CRA.

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