NALCAB Advocacy Day Scores Big Win for Merced Housing Texas

Merced Housing Texas San Antonio, TX

Equitable Neighborhood Development, Public Policy

Merced Housing Texas, a dedicated advocate for affordable housing in San Antonio, joined NALCAB staff and fellow member nonprofits for our 2023 Advocacy Day in Washington DC. This annual event provides representatives from the NALCAB network with the opportunity to meet face to face with congressional representatives on Capitol Hill to highlight the critical work they are engaged in while advocating for funding and support to for key federal programs in the communities they serve.

During Advocacy Day, Merced’s Executive Director Kristin Davila met with several congressional offices, including a meeting with US Congressman Joaquin Castro (D-TX 20th District), where she discussed their mission to address housing injustice. She highlighted their collaborative efforts with the City of San Antonio’s Strategic Housing Implementation Plan (SHIP) and emphasized the urgent need for HUD Section 202 Supportive Housing, especially for older adults living on low and fixed incomes.

Earlier in 2023, Merced submitted a proposal titled “Project Build Up!,” a Community Project benefitting homeowners in Texas’ Congressional District 20 who live in low-income households. The meeting with Congressman Castro gave Davila the opportunity to speak about the proposal in detail and illustrate the critical need for funding.

Merced’s advocacy efforts saw results. In Spring 2024, they were awarded $1 million for their “Project Building Up!” initiative. Operated under Merced’s Owner-occupied Repair Program (OOOP), this project is set to address long-standing economic disparities in neighborhoods impacted by redlining. The funds will facilitate substantial home repairs and provide essential supportive services to at least twenty homes in District 20, focusing on those in critical need of safety and health upgrades due to deferred maintenance.

“Project Building Up!” not only aims to improve the physical state of homes but also to uplift the families and communities within them. With these federal dollars, Merced Housing Texas will be able to continue building resilient neighborhoods, ensuring that everyone has a safe and healthy place to call home. Advocacy Day gave Merced a pivotal opportunity to advance this proposal directly to federal stakeholders and underscore the broader challenges faced by their community.