Special Initiatives

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  • Rent Reporting Pilot Project
  • Rural Capacity Building
  • Strengthening Latino-Serving CDFIs
  • Advisory Services

Rent Reporting Pilot Project

In 2017, NALCAB launched a pilot project to build the credit and financial capability of tenants in affordable rental housing communities that are owned/operated by Latino-serving non-profit institutions. The pilot design built on previous work on rent reporting by the Credit Builders Alliance (CBA). CBA convincingly made the case that, “unlike homeowners, renters do not ‘get credit’ on their credit report for making their monthly housing payments. 45% of individuals in low-income neighborhoods are ‘credit invisible’ or ‘unscorable.’ Many have few opportunities to build credit history which directly impacts their ability to get and stay ahead in today’s economy.”

NALCAB provided grants, technical assistance, and training to owner/operators of multifamily rental housing in order to build their capacity to provide culturally-relevant financial capability services and to implement rent reporting to credit bureaus. The four pilot organizations saw credit scores increase by an average of 31-45 points, and the maximum score increased by 215 points. These early results show rent reporting for credit building is a powerful tool for organizations to help people in low- and moderate-income communities to build credit as an asset on a large scale. NALCAB looks forward to expanding access to this tool to the NALCAB network and beyond.

If you are interested in learning more about NALCAB’s rent reporting work, please contact Program Director Holly Frindell at


Rural Capacity Building

With the support of US HUD, NALCAB has operated a national Rural Capacity Building (RCB) Program since 2013. The RCB Program is designed to provide technical assistance and loans to rural nonprofits that are engaged in creating community and economic development opportunities and affordable housing for low income communities in rural areas.

The NALCAB Team implements a multi-disciplinary, culturally and linguistically relevant approach to the development and delivery of services and focuses on building the capacity of organizations. NALCAB provides technical assistance ranging from program design and implementation, organizational strategic planning, resource development and financing planning, and affordable housing development. To date, NALCAB has engaged in over 60 technical assistance assignments across 11 states.

Through its past work under the HUD Rural Capacity Building Program, NALCAB has developed a Rural Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) to support eligible rural affordable housing and economic development projects. In addition to gap financing for affordable housing development, NALCAB provides a pre-development loan product to reach smaller organizations that have the greatest difficulty accessing capital for rural housing projects. Recognizing that entrepreneurship and small business development are key economic drivers in many small rural communities, NALCAB provides access to interest free, no-fee capital to mission-based rural lenders such as non-profit loan funds and CDFIs to build their small business/microlending capacity.

NALCAB currently provides services in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, and Washington. NALCAB’s RCB program is open to NALCAB non-members and all eligible rural communities.

For more information on NALCAB’s Rural Capacity Building Program and the Rural Revolving Loan Fund, please contact Senior Program Manager Colton Powell at


Strengthening Latino-Serving CDFIs

NALCAB is one the nation’s leading supporter of Latino-serving CDFIs (Community Development Financial Institutions). In many markets, Latino-led CDFIs and emerging CDFIs are the only institutions offering access to capital to Latino-owned businesses and especially LMI Latino business owners. NALCAB’s research has reinforced the importance of lenders that provide culturally and linguistically relevant services for reaching segments of the Latino and immigrant business market, which represent enormous opportunities for job creation and economic growth. NALCAB engages CDFIs and emerging CDFIS with grant making, training, and technical assistance and will engage in CDFI-related policy and network dissemination of best practices and promising innovations.

For more information on NALCAB’s CDFI work, please contact Program Director Holly Frindell at


Advisory Services

NALCAB provides advisory services to municipalities, housing authorities, states, rural communities and non-profit organizations. NALCAB has experience conducting evaluation, research, and policy development on topics including housing, housing affordability, economic development, small business investment, neighborhood strengthening, systems improvement, and disaster recovery. Since 2008, NALCAB has been a catalyst for more than $300 million in investment in Latino communities, much of which flowed through structured partnerships and consortia among the members.

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