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Small Business Development

Small business development is an important path to wealth creation and small businesses in their first five years are credited with being the primary source of net job creation in the United States. For Latinos, entrepreneurship has been a critical strategy for balancing the distribution of assets for Latino families, and has been a driver of the national economy. NALCAB supports member organizations in Latino communities across the country to reduce barriers to entry, promote access to capital, and facilitate the creation of commercial corridors, incubators and mercados.

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Financial Capability

Culturally and linguistically relevant financial capability programs are crucial for unlocking economic potential for Latinos and other diverse communities of color. Individuals who are new to the U.S. financial system and those who have limited English proficiency face barriers to conducting basic financial transactions, building a credit history, accumulating savings, and accessing credit on fair and affordable terms.

To address these realities, NALCAB works with members to create and strengthen Financial Capability programs that build knowledge and access to resources that allow consumers to understand credit and credit scores, access financial services and products, and avoid predatory practices.

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Equitable Neighborhood Development

Equitable neighborhood development is a practice of building and maintaining neighborhoods where all individuals and families can thrive. This means ensuring that development is community-driven and responsive to the needs and aspirations of all community members, particularly the most vulnerable. Intentional policy and practice to promote equitable neighborhood development are necessary to ensure that low- and moderate-income people and small businesses can share in the benefits of appreciating real estate markets and minimize involuntary displacement.

NALCAB shapes the field of equitable neighborhood development and supports our members’ community organizing, policy advocacy, and real estate development work through capacity building technical assistance, training, direct investment and research, data analysis, and mapping.

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