NALCAB Catalyst Fund

The purpose of the NALCAB Catalyst Fund I, LLC is to facilitate affordable housing that opens a path to economic mobility for low-income and minority individuals by providing access to employment, quality education and health care resources. Hispanics are the nation’s youngest and fastest growing major population segment and are struggling to rebuild wealth in the post-recession era. The NALCAB Catalyst Fund is part of the solution, creating pathways to economic mobility. The NALCAB Catalyst Fund currently works with properties in San Antonio, Houston, and Starr County, Texas as well as Washington, DC.

Social Impact – Why Housing?

  • Research from The Harvard Equality of Opportunity Project and many others demonstrates that our zip code powerfully shapes our economic opportunity.
  • Stable, affordable housing that provides access to employment, quality education and health care resources is critical for economic mobility.
  • Affordable homeownership remains the most important wealth-building opportunity for most families.

Investment Strategy

  • The Fund will invest in single family and small multifamily housing deals that serve households with a mix of incomes and produce a financial return.
  • The Fund will target deals in appreciating neighborhoods that provide access to employment, quality education and health care resources.

Implementation Strategy

  • Escalera Community Investments – A NALCAB Company is the Managing Member and has provided asset management services since 2016.
  • The Fund engages experienced NALCAB Network developers to provide development, management and buyer/ tenant services.

Exit Strategy

  • Single family or condo housing will be sold to qualified buyers that receive HUD certified counseling.
  • Rental property will be sold to mission-oriented institutions, with the first right of purchase provided to NALCAB developers.

For more information, please contact NALCAB’s Catalyst Fund, please contact Larry Garcia, Chief Lending & Asset Management Officer at 

The development of the NALCAB Catalyst Fund was made possible with support by the JPMorgan Chase Foundation and the Ford Foundation.