Latino Economic Agenda:
A Latino Perspective on
US Domestic Economic Policy


Priorities That Define A Latino Perspective on US Domestic Economic Policy

  • Create prosperous neighborhoods through place-based investments that advance economic opportunities for diverse populations and preserve cultural integrity.
  • Strengthen our nation’s housing sector by increasing access to affordable homeownership and rental housing, improving the quality of public housing, and strengthening efforts to combat discrimination.
  • Support jobs and economic justice for low-income individuals and communities of color through equitable tax policies, addressing the wage and wealth gap and initiatives that prepare workers to succeed in a changing economy.
  • Promote a vibrant and fair financial services marketplace by managing systemic risk, expanding access to sound financial products and services, ensuring strong consumer financial protections and promoting diversity in institutional governance.
  • Catalyze small business growth by increasing access to capital and business development services for underserved small business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • Overhaul immigration policy to support the US economy, offer a pathway to citizenship and protect human rights.
  • Advance macroeconomic stability and long-term growth with a balanced monetary policy that prioritizes maximum employment for low wage workers.
  • Invest in Puerto Rico with a Marshall Plan-like investment in housing, economic development and local government capacity building.