Thursday, Jul 30
2:00pm CT

WEBINAR – Practitioner Insights: Expanding Credit-Building Opportunities for Renters

Financial Capability Webinar

In addition to credit protection, safe and accessible credit-building strategies will be needed for individuals to rebuild their financial health through the current health crisis. Rent reporting expands credit building opportunities for renters and offers an alternative way to build credit without taking on additional debt. Unlike homeowners, renters do not benefit from having their on-time monthly rental payments reported to credit agencies to help build a strong credit history. This session is intended to provide affordable housing owners/operators, resident services providers, and financial coaches/counselors with an understanding of how rent reporting can be used as a strategy to strengthen their tenants’ financial health.

A leader in the rent reporting for credit building space, the Credit Builders Alliance will share the nuts and bolts of rent reporting, stakeholder benefits, and potential opportunities. Three NALCAB members in three different housing markets will provide their insights from implementing rent reporting over the last year. Attendees are encouraged to participate with questions throughout the webinar.


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