Thursday, Jan 20
2:00pm CT

Webinar – NALCAB Small Business Loan Guarantee Program

Are you a NALCAB member lender? With the support of Kaiser Permanente and the Wells Fargo Open for Business Fund, NALCAB is offering a Small Business Loan Guarantee (SBLG) for those small business loans you really wanted to make, but couldn’t because they “just missed” your guidelines. The SBLG program can help you improve your loan volume, support more small business borrowers, and be a solution to your community small business lending needs. To learn more about NALCAB’s SBLG program and other loan products, join us for this upcoming webinar on January 20, 2022 at 2:00PM CT.

This is a members-only opportunity. To check on your membership status or become a NALCAB member, contact

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