Wednesday, Sep 09
1:00pm CT

WEBINAR – Evaluating Fintech to Meet Client Goals

Webinar Information

Nonprofits are actively exploring and developing new partnerships with financial technology (fintech) products and services to support their program participants’ financial health journeys. As a financial coach or practitioner in the asset building field, you may be asking questions such as: How do I find and assess fintech that meets the actual needs of participants? How do I assess the costs, online security, and reliability of a fintech product? How can I evaluate whether the fintech is making a difference? This webinar featuring the Financial Clinic will provide insights into how they approached these questions when developing their new Marketplace on Change Machine, a platform that provides practitioners with recommendations for already vetted products that are safe, effective, affordable. Webinar attendees will learn how the platform works and the framework of principles that helped guide their fintech partnership choices.



Guest Speaker Megan Bolado, Assistant Director of Fintech Partnerships, The Financial Clinic

About The Financial Clinic

The Financial Clinic is a national nonprofit organization that builds financial security for low- to moderate-income Americans. The Clinic fulfills its mission through an ecosystem of strategies that includes direct financial coaching services, training and technical assistance for nonprofit partners, and research and policy work to inform lasting change. In 2015, the Clinic launched Change Machine – a cloud-based financial coaching platform that has been used by more than 4,000 nonprofit practitioners to build financial security for more than 80,000 low-income customers, returning a total cash value of $42 million to date.