Latino Economic Agenda:
A Latino Perspective on
US Domestic Economic Policy

10 Priorities That Define A Latino Perspective
on US Domestic Economic Policy


  1. Advance macroeconomic stability and long-term growth with a balanced
    monetary policy that prioritizes maximum employment for low wage workers
    as well as with predictable and fair immigration and trade policies.
  2. Support economic mobility for working class people through equitable tax,
    health care and education policies.
  3. Address the nation’s affordable housing crisis by increasing access to
    affordable homeownership and rental housing.
  4. Strengthen neighborhoods through place-based investments that advance
    equitable economic opportunity and preserve cultural integrity.
  5. Invest in public transportation infrastructure that connects workers
    to centers of employment and health care resources.
  6. Promote a vibrant and fair financial services marketplace by managing
    systemic risk, ensuring strong consumer financial protections, and promoting
    diversity in institutional governance.
  7. Catalyze small business growth by increasing access to capital and business
    development services for underserved small business owners & entrepreneurs.
  8. Prepare workers to succeed in a changing economy with relevant
    workforce development strategies and enforcement of workplace safety
  9. Invest in Puerto Rico with a Marshall Plan-like investment in housing,
    economic development, and local government capacity building.
  10. Strengthen rural America by improving economic opportunities for
    diverse populations.

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