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National Training

NALCAB’s National Training offers three distinct courses: Equitable Neighborhood Development, Small Business Development and Financial Capability and Capacity Building. The training provides 20+ hours of culturally-relevant training to more than 150 nonprofit practitioners who work in low-to-moderate income communities. Participants are exposed to replicable best practices, linguistically-relevant curricula, leading industry experts, and emerging innovations. NALCAB’s National Training will be held this Fall in San Antonio, Texas.

Click here to register for NALCAB’s 2019 National Training (November 18-21 in San Antonio, Texas).

Equitable Neighborhood Development course The Equitable Neighborhood Development course will prepare practitioners to address the community development challenges facing low-income communities of color. The course will build skills around topics including accessing capital for affordable housing, community organizing, engaging with local government officials, policy advocacy, creating anti-displacement strategies, and using data and mapping to analyze neighborhood change.
Financial Capability course The Financial Capability course is designed for practitioners who serve Latinos and immigrants in LMI communities with services that lead to economic sustainability and opportunity. Participants in the Financial Capability course will participate in hands-on sessions designed to develop financial coaching skills tailored to the needs of your community.
Small Business Development - Technical Assistance course The Small Business Development Technical Assistance course is designed for practitioners who provide technical assistance to small businesses and entrepreneurs. will focus on tools and strategies to support Latino and immigrant entrepreneurs and to build program capacity and sustainability. All sessions are designed to highlight linguistically- and culturally-relevant methods of serving Latino small businesses.
Small Business Development - Lending course The Small Business Development Lending course will focus on facilitating access to capital as a strategy to support Latino entrepreneurs. This course will highlight lending best practices, as well as the importance of integrating culturally relevant technical assistance to ensure client success. The material covered in this track will cater to practitioners from organizations interested in becoming lenders, organizations relatively new to lending, as well as seasoned lenders.


NALCAB’s webinars offer additional training opportunities throughout the year. Topics include access to capital, applying for federal grant opportunities, policy advocacy, leadership development, and analyzing and understanding neighborhood change. Click here to see upcoming webinar information and view past webinars.

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