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Selected Publications

NALCAB seeks to highlight publications available online that provide relevant information for asset building practitioners and researchers. Publications featured on this page will change periodically.

Small Business Lending Deserts and Oases
National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) Analysis, September 2014

Mapping the Latino Population, By State, County and City
by Pew Research Center, August 29, 2013

Immigrant Small Business Owners, A Signifcant and Growing Part of the Economy
by The Fiscal Policy Institute’s Immigration Research Initiative, June 2012

Immigrant Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners, and the Access to Financial Capital
by the U.S. Small Business Administration, May 2012

Integrating Financial Empowerment Strategies into Housing and Homelessness Prevention Programs
By Jennifer Medina, Jennifer Brooks, and Rick Haughey, CFED, August 2012

The Economic Value of Citizenship for Immigrants in the United States
By Madeleine Sumption and Sarah Flamm, Migration Policy Institute

Open for Business – How Immigrants Are Driving Small Business Creation in the United States
The Partnership for a New American Economy, August 2012

Characteristics of the 60 Largest Metropolitan Areas by Hispanic Population, September 19, 2012
by Seth Motel and Eileen Patten, Pew Hispanic Center

The Asset Building Policy Network: Shaping a National Agenda
Citi, Presented at the CFED Assets Learning Conference, September 19-21, 2012

Tax Policy: Spreading the Benefits More Widely, Issue 26, Fall 2012
Bob Annibale and Wade Henderson

2011 FDIC National Survey of Unbanked and Underbanked Households, September 2012
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2011, Issued September 2012
By Carmen DeNavas-Walt, Bernadette D. Proctor, Jessica C. Smith, U.S. Census Bureau

Immigrant Small Business Owners, June 2012
A report from the Fiscal Policy Institute's Immigration Reserach Initiative

5 Tips on Starting Your Hurricane Season Business Continuity Plan
by CarolC, Community Moderator, U.S. Small Business Administration

FDIC National Survey of Unbanked and Underbanked Households

USDA Rural Cooperatives Magazine March/April 2012
Magazine features NALCAB member organization, Latino Economic Development Center in Minnesota.

Lost Grounds, 2011: Disparities in Mortgage Lending and Foreclosures

Pew Hispanic Center Report: Wealth, Gaps Rise to Record Highs Between Whites, Blacks and Hispanics

Center for Responsible Lending “Enfoque” Publication on Auto Finance

CFSI Underbanked Consumer Study

Best Practices in Latino Entrepreneurship (pdf)

Coming Together
Dee Walsh and Robert Zidenek

The Assets Report 2010 (pdf)
Reid Cramer, Mark Huelsman, Justin King,
Alejandra Lopez-Fernandini, and David Newville
New America Foundation

The Foreclosure Generation: The Long-Term Impact of the Housing Crisis on Latino Families and Children
Janis Bowdler
The National Council of La Raza

Weathering the Storm: Have IDA’s helped Low-Income Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure
Ida Rademacher and Kasey Wiedrich, CFED
Signe-Mary McKernan, Caroline Ratcliffe
and Megan Gallagher, The Urban Institute

Addressing the Challenges of Unemployment in Low-Income Communities (pdf)
Carolina Reid

The Economic Crisis and Community Development
Finance: An Industry Assessment (pdf)
Mark Pinsky, Nancy Andrews, Paul Weech, Ellen Seidman, Rick Cohen

Increasing Wealth in the Latino Community (pdf)
A TRPI Conference Summary Report

The CRA and Subprime Lending: Discerning the Difference
Elizabeth Sobel

Hispanics and the Economic Downturn: Housing Woes and Remittance Cuts (pdf)
Mark Hugo Lopez, Gretchen Livingston, and Rakesh Kochhar

Best Practices in Latino Asset Building (pdf)
a NALCAB publication

Immigrant Integration in Los Angeles: Strategic Directions for Funders (pdf)
Manuel Pastor and Rhonda Ortiz

Wealth Building in the Borderlands: Linking Tax Refunds to Asset Building (pdf)
Barbara Robles

Raising Endowment Funds from the Latino Community
National Latino Funds Alliance (pdf)

Latino Migrants: A Profile in Remittances, Finances and Health (pdf)
Manuel Orozco and Nancy Castillo

Latino Workers in the Ongoing Recession: 2007- 2008 (pdf)
Rakesh Kochhar

Economic (In)Security: The Experience of the African- American and Latino Middle Classes (pdf)
Tamara Draut, Jennifer Wheary, Tatjana Meschede, & Thomas M. Shapiro

Financial Education in Latino Communities: An Analysis of Programs, Products and Results/Effects (pdf)

Financial Access for Immigrants: Learning from Diverse Perspectives

Policies promoting Microenterprise in Colonias: What works? What does not work? And Why? (pdf)

Immigrant Integration in Low-income Urban Neighborhoods: Improving Economic Prospects and Strengthening Connections for Vulnerable Families (pdf)
Lynette A. Rawlings, Randolph Capps, Kerstin Gentsch, Karina Fortuny of the Urban Institute

Building Assets While Building Communities
Heather McCulloch

Hispanic Housing in the United States
Timothy Ready

Latina Microenterprise and the U.S.-Mexico Border Economy
Bárbara J. Robles

Financial Access for Immigrants: Learning from Diverse Perspectives
Anna Paulson, Audrey Singer, Robin Newberger, and Jeremy Smith

The following are important online libraries related to community development and asset building.

Asset Funders Network




Annie E Casey Foundation

Housing Assistance Council

Survey of Free Online Resources for Community Development Practitioners
by Catherine Hyde, Enterprise Community Partners, 2007.


Tools and Tips for Improving Your Website

Google Analytics

Google Keyword Tool

Google Webmaster Tool

Non Profit Website Design: Examples and Best Practices

Taking Asset Building Personally
Bob Wittman

Manufactured Housing Toolkit
Corporation for Enterprise Development

Addressing Community Opposition to Affordable Housing Development: A Fair Housing Toolkit (pdf)

IRS is Speaking Your Language Fact Sheet (pdf)

Household Financial Security Scorecard (pdf)

Asset Opportunity Ladder (pdf)
Institute on Assets and Social Policy

State Asset Indicators
Institute on Assets and Social Policy

Community Wealth Builders by State
The Democracy Collaborative at the University of Maryland (

Interactive tools for creating wealth
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Equitable Development Toolkit
Policy Link

IRS Earned Income Tax Credit Toolkit